Feeling Weird

So I just made my budget for the next two weeks, and I’ve planned to join the gym and write another comic book before month’s end (my own sorta NaNoWriMo thing)… so this is all good right?

Why do I feel this depression wanting to sink in and take all of this away then?

WTF Life. Cut me a break, I’m trying!

No one cares if you try though. You get judged on what you do…

SEE! WTF! Goddamnit I hate being a baby about my feelings… whatevs. Almost 1am. Gotta get up early and deposit money or else my IRA will cause my Debit account to overdraft (Ironic that me saving money is going to potentially cost me, negating the benefit)…

Sigh. If only there was someone to hug. This is what dogs are for. 

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